Ideas on Liturgy

Thinking about broadening dimensions of what can be considered liturgy, the sanctification of Life, Time, and Space. This is the symbol-making side of expressive life, put into a space/time and made bigger, more intense, more significant. Paying attention to the Icon we want to mark, to pull us into the space and heart of the moment chosen, signifying the underlying profound mystery of what we see. Icon is probably the best image to stand for this process of going within some life/time/space to draw attention to what is going on there. My teacher Wendy had said we are made for story, and liturgy seems to be this kind of story that tells us of our body, speech, and mind interacting with the Body, Speech, and Mind of the space we find ourselves in.

Outside/Inside are invoked and recognized. Like forming an alembic that will capture and condense new stories which distill out of us after interacting with Attention to the Moment we’ve chosen to liturgize. This is done consciously, as with a religious ceremony, or unconsciously, as with preparing to go to one’s job.

The quality of attention is the path to what some religious traditions term “paradise.” Focused mind can sanctify any space, for the Sage who is paying attention.

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