Puerto Rico, still Preciosa.

“…Y así le grito al villano yo sería borincano aunque naciera en la luna ” -Juan Antonio Corretjer

(“and so I shout to the villain: I would still be Puerto Rican if I was born on the moon”)

Omar Z Robles

OZRG1264 Carla Sofía Curet

“Preciosa te llaman lo bardos que cantan tu historia, no importa el tirano te trate con negra maldad…” – Rafael Hernández

I just made it back from visiting my home country of Puerto Rico. It is the first time I get to visit since hurricane María swept through, almost exactly 5 months after. It was an incredibly emotional and difficult trip. I found myself fighting the tears more times than I can recall. Five months after the hurricane and my island, my people, my family still carry open wounds from that horrendous day.

During my visit I gathered so many terrifying stories from my friends and relatives about their experiences during and after the hurricane. They told me about how they stayed up all night holding doors and windows for hours as the wind was about to burst into their homes. About how the extreme heat wave…

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Making It and The Fall

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint
Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

Making It and The Fall

“If you’re so smart, why ain’t ya rich?”
Why do we mock those who can’t make it in life?
And by that,
I mean, make it in the life in this world we’ve created,
that’s actually anti-life, anti-love, and anti-beauty?

Probably because, we all know, deep inside,
that if the game of Shoots and Ladders is abandoned,
we’ll be really pissed that we spent so much time propping it up,
getting ripped off and screwed over,
that we’ll feel really STUPID when we realize we were played
and that we played along with all of this.

So we pass that pain along and down.
Makes it easier to stomach
the daily pint
of pure petroleum-based rot-gut
we call