Because I Wanted You to Love Me

August 8, 2020

Painted Wall: Bird and Grapes photo by Michele Montserrat

A poem I wrote in October 2018…

Because I Wanted You to Love Me

Because I wanted you to love me, I buried my shame along with the guilt and painted my lips the color of tequila sunrises.

Because I wanted you to love me, I learned to track time in the aroma of lush forests and flashing brilliant bees.

Because I wanted you to love me, I found books on the art of erotic hand massage. I studied fireworks and fine dining.

Because I wanted you to love me, I danced whistling from room to room, and I perfected my skills in langorous leaning.

Because I wanted you to love me, I meditated on lemon scented diamonds. I kept my hairstyle exactly the same and began wearing more colorful scarves.

And because I wanted you to love me, I didn’t wait for the mail to come. I took the pen in hand and wrote the letter anyway.

Feathered Wallpaper photo by Michele Montserrat

WLYA – 11 for 11!

Feelin’ all sassy and limber today, a good bit of work done. It’s been a busy week or so, and I’m really pleased with how well the Write Like You’re Alive 31/31 creativity challenge is going. Today, I finished up editing some draft pieces from last week, finalized three pieces from this week, and I’m completely up to date with the sprint.

Also, taking risks and being more vulnerable in my work – one aubade I feel comfortable showing, and several edgy, funny ones too, if I do say so myself.

Can’t share any here yet, but I’ll probably find time to do something more substantive and stand-alone, to post here on my blog. This writing stuff is addictive!


Week One of the Writing Challenge

I completed the first week of the Write Like You’re Alive Creativity Challenge and I’m satisfied with the work I put in. This writing sprint challenges the participants to create a new piece each day – poetry, flash fiction, artwork – and this is the third year I’ve participated. My first published piece ever owes it’s existence to this project. Each year I’ve discovered surprises in my writing, not the least of which is that I can produce original writing I’m proud of under a tight deadline.

Keep reaching for your dreams…

Reaching for Dreams
Tin Frog Sculpture photo by Michele Montserrat

Beauty – Iteration 18

First beauty – architectural blueprint for Prince’s Paisley Park complex.

Second beauty – Annie Lennox on the radio, singing “Would I Lie to You?”

Third beauty – blessed coolness: overcast, breeze, birdsong like crazy.

Next beauty – two well-dressed women; dark eyes, mouths speaking sweetness. A wonderful perfume.

Next beauty – my mood, buoyant, peaceful. The body at ease.

Penultimate beauty – I will not give up, no matter what the cost,



WIN_20160319_18_16_14_Pro (2)
Mimosa – Cover Image by David Bradford Kane, Self image by Michele Montserrat











Sing Along With Dada

Sing Along with Dada
by Michele Montserrat


As dear Tzara said,
“…if we reveal the crime, it’s to please you, dear audience.”

AND! dear Tzara didn’t say,
but I believe he would have, if dear Tzara were alive –
“Lick here,
you might be one of the lucky 25.”

Dada is
world soul without end,
and Dada is
revolution without a pawnshop,
and Dada is
a learned denunciator
currently working the sign without a net.

h’um dear dada,
h’um dear dada!

Dada can be found
whistling at your friends,
and Dada is
yelling at Fellini,
and Dada can be found
feeling up the surrealists.

dada m’dada,
dada m’DAda!
dada m’dada
bordello m’DAda!

Dada is
teatime for burglars,
and Dada is
a scandal to the ants,
and Dada finds a happy ending
in tank traps especially.

h’um dear dada,
h’um dear dada!

Dada is
firing your neurons,
and Dada is the one
who said goodbye,
and Dada can be found
pulling the strings,
and Dada is the one
who stole your paint-by-number picture
and put it in the Louvre.

dada m’dada, dada m’DAda!
dada m’dada bordello m’DAda!

Dada is
kissing the wind,
and Dada can be found
with a gleam in its eye,
and Dada is
drinking the milk
of manufacturers
and evangelists.

dada m’dada, dada m’DAda!
dada m’dada, bordello m’DAda!
hu’um dear dada,
umhum dear dada,
in bordello Jesus!

Art Journal April 6

A mixed media piece – magazine image, tissue overlay, permanent ink. An image of ancient trees on the savannah, foreground and frame the setting sun.

The photo does not do this piece justice, I feel. I’m really pleased with how the inking of the darker parts turned out, and used pointillist technique for the shading which is quite striking.

I’m trying to get away from overworking my paintings – noticed many other pieces I admire are quite simple, and so I’m going to leave this the way it is and call it finished.


Trees – Mixed Media by Michele Montserrat

Featured image photo I took of a mosaic in the rear of a restaurant in South Minneapolis.


Art Journal – Aries Ingress

Mixed media collage. Various magazine images, tissue paper, permanent marker.

Rough and unpolished, you can see every little blemish in this one – but I really liked the composition, so there’s that! Realizing that I used a lot of pink images I’d been saving up, and paired the pink with red. My mother always told me pink and red clashed, so this is my revenge. <grin>

Aries Ingress