Sunday Morning Music for April Snow

I live in Minneapolis, and the city got a total of 15.5 inches of snow yesterday.

Yes, I know it’s April. This is actually the *second largest accumulation for an April. We are hardcore up here in the tundra!

Gonna be chilling at the house today, since I can’t make it out of my street, so I thought I’d make the the best of it by writing and listening to music. Found a beauty in Low Light Mixes latest show on Mixcloud.

Check it out here –

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Music for April Snow

    1. I know, right? This is an outlier, even for us. Thankfully, we’re seeing temps up in the 50s Fahrenheit now – 60s predicted for next week. The snow should be gone fairly quick. I’m still recovering from the storm – so much work to clear cars and sidewalks. Not a fan!

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