Alchemical Romance

Alchemical Romance
by Michele Montserrat

Kiss me, Phlogiston.
Your invisible, sticky dew,
underlying all that burns
and not burns.
I sweetly burn
In the not-burning for you.

Kiss me, Phlogiston!
When your lips touch mine
I become you
and you become mine.
Oneness, forever,
in unity.
Kiss me, Phlogiston.
Kiss me.

O kiss me, Phlogiston.
Again and again and forever-all-ways!
Your touch makes me swoon,
and sizzle,
and burn
with ancient anticipation.

Kiss me, Phlogiston
with your alchemystery.
Kiss me under that secret flag of yours
until I’m dry
and sane
and ready to fly.

Kiss me!

Kiss me, Phlogiston!
Over the moon,
And under the sea, and on top of the world.
Kiss me on the other side of reason
Kiss me
until you and I
and end
with each other.

Kiss me Phlogiston –
until the cows come home
in your tophat and tails
on the stair,
in your underwear
like a prayer,
through the air.

Kiss me, Phlogiston
Kiss me before there was
“Let there be Light”
and kiss me
after the Hallelujah at the end of the world.
Kiss me here and there,
Kiss me there.

Oh Yes –
Kiss me there –


One Wild Life (2)
Photo by Michele Montserrat


Note: Phlogiston is the hypothetical fiery principle formerly assumed to be a necessary constituent of combustible bodies and to be given up by them in burning.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.

The New Censorship?

This is a *very important issue, and Stenwick unpacks the chilling affects on author’s sales of books well. Issues of free speech are very important to me, and I hope other bloggers as well. Amazon needs to come clean with why the ranks and reviews of the affected genres of writing have been removed, immediately.

S C O T T   M I C H A E L   S T E N W I C K

censorshipAt the end of this last month, erotica writers on Amazon noticed something disturbing. Erotica and romance novels containing adult content were being stripped of sales ranks and reviews without any explanation. It appeared to be more than a technical glitch, in that adult content in particular was being targeted. Amazon has yet to release any sort of statement explaining what is going on, but many writers including me are concerned about the possibility of ramped-up censorship on the world’s largest online book market.

A big blow to the romance community has surfaced as romance and erotica authors are having their titles on Amazon stripped of their ranks and reviews. Towards the end of March, the romance community began to notice romance and erotic novels being stripped of their ranks and/or reviews, without an explanation. Although Amazon has yet to make a statement about what’s going on, it’s clear…

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