Prairie Zen

Survey the expanse of land before you. See what can be seen. March to the horizon, dedicating each step to unfolding the distance within your sinews, enfolding the distance to that horizon within your muscle memory. Move as a mobile, fleshy mountain upon the earth, and claim the uneven ground as your own. You have a right to be here, as deep and ponderous as any stone. You are an organic confluence of the loves of your ancestors. As they dreamt you once, so you will dream the ones who come after you, leaving a legacy of your own path and how you walked it.

Those children who come after you will most remember the times you laughed and the sweet foods you shared. Be quick, therefore, to open up your own remembering, to let it ripen into the stories that will be told about your own cross to bear in the sinuous walk of humans. Walk lightly, carry water and music, these are most sought after in the barter of belonging. After awhile, it will make more sense to walk and give everything away as you do. This gesture will carry you like a great buffalo across the land.

Smell the rain that comes to you, coaxes green shoots from prairies, and gives rest in the late afternoon, when all is said and done. The drumbeat of water on leaf lulls you from the frayed edges of worry, back into the stillness, back into the timeless, to view your face as it was before you were born. Supple and lean and waiting for the stretching out of the sunlight again on the land.

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