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Favorite philosophy about writing in the genre: To some extent, I would say that my feelings about writing are like filmmaker Werner Herzog’s famous quote about the jungle – “I love it, but I love it against my better judgment.”

S C O T T   M I C H A E L   S T E N W I C K

denver_witch_quarterlyEven though I don’t live in Denver and don’t consider myself a witch, my article “Against Book Piracy” has been published in the latest issue of Denver Witch Quarterly. The current issue has a bunch of material about the now-infamous Donald Trump binding spell, but my article doesn’t have anything to do with that. If you’re interested in my thoughts on the binding spell and the “Trump Magick War,” they can be found here.

My article is more along the lines of my Truth About Writing post in the context of occult books and people who pirate them under the mistaken belief that we occult authors are making tons of money from our work. To be clear, we’re not. The occult is a tiny market, and at this point it’s pretty much impossible to make enough money writing occult books to live on, even at a minimum wage…

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Are you of “those” writers? I know I am, or would be, if I were brave enough.

Every community has its taboos, and the literary world is no different. Dirty words like flowery, pretentious, or derivative get bounced around to describe work, but few accusations strike blows at the hearts of the seriously bookish more so than being called a confessional writer. Telling a new acquaintance that you love the work of […]

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