Half-formed Sanctuary

Sanctuary. Longing for peace; impulse giving rise to and forming a space, in place and mind. Like slipping into water, going under and finding, to your surprise, that you can breathe freely for the first time.

A dream, from high school, I was in my mother’s garage with a handsome boy. He was smiling, blonde, perfect skin and body. Looking at me, his gaze invited me to join him as he suddenly leapt into the air and began swimming in the space. Delighted, I jumped too, and found I could do the same. I flew and dived, in great spiral arcs. I saw the wooden walls in vivid detail, and I flew faster and faster, swimming through air as I followed the boy. Exhilarated and free, I still feel how powerful and present I was, spiraling movement in the air. This dream of the garage space, a secret sanctuary even now.

I wish I could walk again with that feeling of freedom.
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